Cigarette Smoking: Activities To Control It

This is a well-known fact that cigarette smoking is a very dangerous habit; cigarettes have been known to cut smokers’ lives by many years simply by increasing their risk of malignancy and heart disease. Cigarette smoke is also harmful to the people who inhale secondhand smoke. The problem is being made even worse by the fact that many people start smoking from their teenage years. These people subject matter themselves to toxic substances every day over many years.

What is clear is that the government has a very important role to try out in controlling the sale of smokes and other tobacco products; however it does not seem to be doing enough to control this problem. The fact that huge cigarette companies invest a great deal of money on defeating various anti-tobacco legislation perhaps has a function to play in this fact. Certain activities are very effective at controlling the demand for these dangerous products.

Increase fees: The number of people who buy cigarettes can come down in response to increased taxes. What exactly is really interesting is that the biggest influence will be on young people because they are the most price conscious crowd of our people. The other benefit is that government will be able to generate a large amount of revenues in this manner.

Manage access to cigarettes: Cigarettes and other tobacco products should not be easily available, especially in order to young smokers. If smokers have to take extra trouble to get their package of cigarettes then it is likely that they will not really pick up the habit as easily.

Make it difficult to use cigarettes: Cigarette people who smoke and should have to think twice before they light up. The way to do this is simply by restricting areas where people can smoke cigarettes. Many public spaces have limitations on smoking cigarettes in their premises but these restrictions need to expand to cover larger areas of our society.

Spread information about the dangers: People, especially teenagers, need to be told about the dangers of cigarette smoking. This is a very dangerous habit that can have very lethal consequences in order to smokers as well as people who breathe in secondhand smoke. Lung and oral cancers are very common amongst long-term smokers and so is heart disease. Young people need counseling in order to counter the sights of smoking (it is perceived as being a cool or sexy point to do).

Make help available to people who want to quit: People who want to stop smoking (this includes the overpowering majority of smokers) should be given the help they need. This is a highly addictive routine that very few people can get reduce without proper assistance. Counseling, hypnotherapy and nicotine replacement therapies have been found to be very effective to control tobacco use.
Activities to control cigarette smoking need to be carried out with a great deal of care because the anti-smoking lobby has to deal with a very powerful and determined rival.
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Tobacco businesses make too much money to permit any actions that will curtail their sales. Smoking cigarettes amongst young people should get particular emphasis because this is a particularly vulnerable section of the population.