A fast Guide to Shopping in Copenhagen

The middle of Copenhagen is rather small, but you will discover few places with so much motivation packed in so little space. The particular city’s compact center is great for travelling and spotting bargains.

The most conventional and most popular shopping area is usually Kobenhavn K. When navigating within the shopping district of Copenhagen, a lot of people start their shopping at Stroget, which runs through the heart associated with Copenhagen from Kgs.
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Nytorv to city hall. Stroget is to be avoided in the peak traffic hours yet is great for a stroll on a Wednesday morning. Shops open between ten and 11. In the stretch closest to city hall the place will be dominated by young fashion plus department stores that are replaced by expensive fashion the further towards Kgs. Nytorv you get. Here you’ll also discover the huge department store Magasin that has a great food department in the basement level. The main shopping street is an overload of magnificent architecture, so take the time to look up from the store windows.

Copenhagen can be an expensive city to visit. Therefore , where can you turn to for cheap shopping and bargains? The cheapest stores are the large chains such as H&M, when you want local designers, be prepared to pay much more – but also to get better quality. The big sales are on at the end of each time of year, the biggest one being the January sale starting January second. This is the time of year to get that great Copenhagen designer dress at a knock down price.