All About Blackout Curtains

What is the purpose of blackout curtains? The purpose of these curtains is to blackout a room while the lights are out. They are great about not letting in any light from the outside at the window when you have them shut.

Why would someone want blackout curtains? Someone who maybe slept during the day, or have a home theater room would want these curtains that keep the light out of the room. This is so that they will not have a glare on the television, nor will the light keep them awake if they have problems sleeping during the day.

Are blackout curtains thick or multilayered? Usually these curtains are just a made out of a special fabric that will blackout the light with one single layer. However, you will also find that there are other versions of this curtain that does have more than one layer. The choice would be up to you, and what you can afford.

Are blackout curtains expensive? They are usually a little more pricey than a normal curtain, but this is because of the special fabric that is used to make them. If it is worth it to you to go to sleep during the day and not have the sun peering through the window at you, then you would not think about the price. However, if you are thinking you might want them for looks or decoration, yes they might seem a little expensive.
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Are blackout curtains black? You will find that this style of curtain can be found in many colors. Just because they have the name with black in them does not mean that the curtain itself is black. You can find them in red, green, brown, and many more colors.

Where can you purchase blackout curtains? You will find that these curtains are sold anywhere that any other curtains are sold. From your local retail store to your favorite department store, you are sure to find this style of curtain that will blackout the sun and light from any window that you have.