Three Different Social Media Platforms

When the majority of people hear the term ‘social media’ the first thing they think of, generally, is Facebook. This, of course, is because Facebook is one of the most dominating platforms within the field, however it is not the be all and end all, and when using SM for business it is not always completely appropriate.
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So let’s have a look at three of the different platforms available to you in the world of social media:


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform which allows you just 140 characters every time you wish to say something. This ensures that people are brief and succinct in what they want to say – therefore a micro-blog! This is ideal for businesses as they can build brand awareness by modifying their twitter background to include their logo and contact details as well as being able to casually keep in touch with previous and potential clients.


This social media platform is sort of like the Facebook edition for corporate business. On this platform you will also have a profile in which you can include your CV and people you have done business with can write recommendations which appear on your wall. LinkedIn are slowly developing more and more to include applications which enable you to upload presentations and videos.


Online forums are like online discussion boards where people with the same interests and hobbies can share information and answer each other’s questions. This media platform is great for companies who wish to gain some authority within the online world in their particular field. If someone asks an open question, answer it. If you provide sound and useful answers you will begin to be considered an expert.