Dessert Towel as Your Wedding Gift

An Unforgettable Wedding Gift – Cake Towel

One of the most remarkable and beautiful wedding ceremony gifts I have ever seen was created by one of my sisters for another sister’s wedding. She built the pristine “wedding cake” from white-colored towels and decorated it along with ribbons, held in place with pearl pins, and hid a compact disc in one of the layers, not that everything additional was needed. The “cake” was such a work of art it took the show from the real cake! Everyone wanted to know who had made it, how long it took, and so on, and no one with a camera handed down up a chance for a snapshot from it.

Creating a towel cake can be as easy or as complicated as you need it to be. It is easy to make it unique with your own special touches and add individual touches that will make it an unforgettable a part of any wedding or shower.

This is easy to make and the bride to be will love the personalized touch! The shades can be coordinated to go with the wedding ceremony theme and colors.

Step 1. Roll the Towels

Fold each hand towel in half lengthwise twice. Start with a single end and roll the towels together. Set aside. Repeat this process with the wash cloths. Fold each bath towel in half lengthwise and replicate the folding until the width of the towel is roughly 6″. Roll the two towels together in the same way since the hand towels. You should now have the three layers of the cake.

Step 2. Assembling The Layers

I used large wide rubber bands to hold every individual layer together for ease of dealing with. To decorate choose ribbon within colors that coordinate with the bath towels or wedding colors. My relative had requested purple towels and so i selected a wide white ribbon decorated with pearls. Cut the bows into 60″, 40″ and 30″ lengths. Tie the large piece across the bath towels layer and replicate for the other two cake layers. When complete, stack the wedding cake layers starting with the largest layer at the bottom. I used small pins to hold the layers in place. If you do use pins try to place them with the tags on the towels not the towels themselves.

Step 3.

This is the fun part! Use your imagination and decorate with silk flowers, fall leaves or wedding bells. I placed the cake on a footed dessert plate for presentation.

These attractive cakes look so delicious. Yet please do not eat. It is the soft cotton washing clothes artfully hand wrapped to resemble a tasteful wedding cake. This delicious looking designed favor will make your mouth water, but it can be calorie free. They are great for wedding mementos, bay showers, gift baskets, Christmas stocking items and all other occasions

Different Towel Cakes for Different Occasions

A towel cake is an unique plus creative way to give a Gift for a wedding shower or a housewarming gift. I use matching bath towels, hands towels and wash cloths for your Towel cake. There will be 2 — 30 X 54″ bath towels, 4 – 16 X 26″ hand towels and 3 — 12 X 12 wash towels. For a romantic theme, I use shower products such as lotions, bubble shower, incense, bath beads and other products. For a bath/kitchen theme, I use wood spoons, wire wisks, spatulas as well as other cooking utensils. The color schemes differ and can be specified by the client. The ribbons used can be specific to be a wedding theme, otherwise the particular ribbons will be color coordinated to the color of the towels used. The particular towel cake pictured is a dark chocolate cake theme. The bottle within the top of the cake is a champaign shaped bottle of scented bubble bath. Additional picture will be posted later on.

Wedding Towel Cakes are Full of Wonderful Surprises!

The first thing to consider when makeing wedding towel cakes is what type of towels to use. The usual “recipe” requires two bath towels, two hands towels, and two washcloths, all white. But you can adjust towel bread to include any type or number of bath towels you want. If you know what color towels the couple would prefer, choose accordingly. Don’t skimp on quality. You’ll only save a few dollars, and the appearance of your towel wedding cakes will suffer.

Adornments for your wedding towel cakes are usually limited only by your imagination. The particular tiers of wedding towel cakes would look elegant “belted” along with wide ribbon. Or tie smaller bows and pin them every now and then. Faux flowers are another likelihood. Pearl-topped straight pins inserted throughout the edges give a finished look, help hold the cake together, and are a gift in themselves. Make sure, though, to warn the recipient of the risk.

Your finished towel wedding cakes will have to sit on something, and a pretty bath tray would be perfect. You might want to purchase the tray before putting the soft towel cakes together to make sure of a great fit. You could also set the dessert on a matching round bath sparring floor or rug. Surround the dessert with scented flower-shaped soaps. Connect a bow around the handle of a fancy pumice scrubber and lay it beside the towel cake as a “server. ”

Cake Towel Gain More Popularity

Cake towel info and yet full of personality; so despite of the price which is a bit greater than traditional wedding gifts, people still prefer it as cute and romantic Wedding Gifts for the once a lifetime occasion.

Currently, towels marketed as, for instance, a gift are folded in various manner and arranged inside a storage box, and the top part of the storage box is covered with a transparent film, so that the clients can see the arranged towel(s) inside the box through the film, thus sketching the attention of the customers and boost the customer’s desire to purchase. Among these, with the focus on characteristics such as the towel’s texture, thickness, and flexibility, a few towels are formed into animals and dolls by way of attaching the particular towel cloth by sewing or even fastening with a pin or the like, thus being offered exclusively as adornments.

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand intended for cake-shaped decorative accessories using a towel cloth as a gift or existing, and there has been a demand regarding other types of decorative accessories which have a cake shape.
Traditional wedding ceremony gifts such as chocolate gifts are incredibly common that people want to add some personality and uniqueness to their wedding gift; cake towel seems to be a perfect choice.