Protect Scents, Attraction Scents, and Fragrance Control – A Hunters Device For Success

Perhaps you have smelt a skunk? What was your first reaction? Find the direction the odor is coming from and head the other way! This is exactly the reaction that deer and other wild game have whenever they smell a human. We smell! Maybe not as bad as a skunk might smell to us, but the reaction is the same and pets will run more often than not. Some deer and other game have become desensitized to the smell of humans and enterprise very close to residential areas as well as farm homes and job sites. Curiosity sometimes leads animals as well. Most of the time wild animals will avoid human scent, so a hunter’s greatest defense is no human fragrance plus good cover through the use of scents.

A hunter’s fragrance control starts together with his body and deodorant. Washing entire body and hair with a fragrance totally free soap that has antibacterial properties may be the first step. ANY fragrance or even perfume in the soap will be continued the body and is not natural. The bacterium on our bodies creates the pungent smell that is commonly referred to as “Body Odor”. Anti- bacterial soap can help keep this smell down. There are many products on the market including shampoo, cleaning soap, deodorant, and lotions that are scent free as well as scent controlling created specifically for the hunter and outdoor enthusiast. Never use cologne or even perfume before hunting, as these perfumes reek to the game animals. Clothes must be careful cared for and cleaned in laundry soap such as borax that will not add scent and do not have UV brighteners. These UV brighteners make even good camouflage glow like a lantern to the eyes of numerous game animals such as deer. You can find detergents designed for the hunter along with dryer sheets with cover scents that impregnate your clothing having a cover scent. After laundering it is important to place clothes in a scent free of charge bag, so that house smells, such as smoke, pets or food scents do not permeate the clothing. Nothing beats a good pair of rubber shoes to avoid smells coming from footwear.
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By no means fill your gas tank before going in the field especially while wearing your field footwear or hunting clothing, animals think it stinks too.

Once the hunter is free of human scent it is possible to add additional camouflage by adding cover scent. Cover scents are fragrances that are basically neutral or non-threatening scents to the animal being hunted. White acorn and earth fragrance are very popular cover scents utilized for whitetail. White Acorn is a foods source and Earth scent smells like very rich earth both are very common and therefore not threatening and make great cover scents. After i was young I remember some sportsman used to make their own scents making use of plants from the area they sought after and alcohol mix, though I do not remember exactly how to do so. Now days it is very simple to find these scents in your local hunting supply store and even on-line.

Attraction scents are odours that game animals find non-threatening and alluring. Examples of these types of scents include many types of food source scents as well as sexual attractants or musk type. Sexual attractants or lures are used to lure an animal of the opposing sex into a position to shoot, and are especially popular during the particular game animals breeding season. The main idea of an attractant is to attract the animal in and lead it into a position that is to the hunter’s best advantage. Food scents are usually exactly as they sound. Be sure to examine local regulations on the legal utilization of all attracting scents.