The Top Five WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

The popularity of WordPress, in part, is no doubt due to its relative simplicity of use and flexibility. With an array of designs and plugins to choose from, you can customize it until your heart can be content; and this makes WordPress extremely appealing for first time web designers.

WordPress plugins provide you an avenue to very easily expand the functionality of your website without needing to know anything about computer program code. Plugins allow you to add features, plus build out your website beyond the particular limits of the default theme. A lot of plugins can be added to your website within the form widgets and others are simply installed and do their job in the background, behind the scenes.

Plugins have become common place, and also the default WordPress theme arrives pre-loaded with several-but most of us require more. But which plugins you don’t need? Much of that depends on the type of website you intend to build. A WordPress training site will require a different group of plugins as opposed to a video site, or a photo gallery site. Regardless of your websites purpose, there are some essential plug ins I think everyone should install. So lets take a look at my top five Wp plugins.

My Top Five Plugin Suggestions

This is not an exhaustive list plus my recommendations here are general in nature. Remember; depending on your internet sites goal you will have specific plugin specifications. However , the WordPress content management system does a very good job with providing you with the basics within the software from the start.


Akismet is installed by default, and its the first plugin you will see. It’s an anti-spam plugin which helps prevent automated bots that attempt to post and attach unwanted comments to your blogs.
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When you allow comments in your website, ping backs and monitor backs can be sent and sometimes you’ll end up with spam on your web site. Akismet protects your site from this hassle. You may still receive comments despite this plugin installed, but they will never be published on your posts. Instead, they will end up in your comments section to have the option to review and delete all of them.

Bullet Proof Security

Protecting the particular integrity of your website is most important, and Akismet is just the start. To fully protect your file system you should always add a security plugin. If you’re wanting to know why WordPress is constantly releasing brand-new versions; one of the major reasons happens because new releases include bug repairs and security updates. No system can ever be too safe because there is always someone out there determining a way to backdoor the system.

There are many WordPress security plugins to pick from but my personal favorite is Bullet Proof Security. The particular setup interface can be a little intimidating at first glance, but once you get through the process and get it configured your website will be fully protected on the highest degree. Your most important files, such as. htaccess, may also be locked down solid.


The All In One SEO plugin can be used to help you optimize your site for the search engines like google. It allows you to easily attach meta data titles, tags, descriptions plus keywords throughout your pages plus posts. I suggest you leave the arrears settings as-is, on the main user interface, and tailor your pages plus posts to your liking.