Are You Having Alone Time For Yourself?

Everybody needs to get away, to be alone, from everybody they know. To be alone, to find themselves, everybody needs the alone time. Everybody is unique, individual, and different. The dis-ease within is also unique as in the cause of the disease symptom log may be the same, but the cause is very different.

Everybody is a ‘guardian’ for another. There exist pieces of somebody in everyone (hence guardian) to be released back to the owner of the piece within. Everybody has to go to met their guardians to find the piece of them in the guardian, to increase realization of them self with the return of another piece of them from the guardian of their piece.

“To find themselves in others new”.

Like a fully charged battery, when left alone without interaction, the battery gets depleted. So it is when we stop interacting with others (guardians of pieces of you within), our energy level drops below minimal level, we get sick/dis-ease.

We need ‘alone time’ with new people that we don’t know!

As they, the new people, are our guardians. A piece of you exist within them for you to reclaim! (The return of you) To allow you to have greater completion! To be more of you, which mean more energy! There exist a fragment of us in everybody. When we descend/shattered as a whole from above! We are to find ourselves in others!

Everybody needs alone time. To find themselves, to have greater completion in self. Life is simple. Life is complicated when we want to make ourselves important, the ego within makes life difficult, hence cannot accept the simplicity of life but argue to be right.

Life is.

There are those around us who thinks that to be alone means to be alone with people they love and care for. Yet these can be the people who are actually draining their energy that prevents them from going out to met their guardians that can bring the more energy by finding the piece of themselves within them.

Very important:

To gain access to the piece of them within the guardian, time has to be spend with them, the guardian, you see, the guardian will only release the piece of them when they are open to you, else the piece remains with then… But many times, those around them cannot accept that but hang around them, spending time with that guardian, especially when it is the opposite sex, as jealousy arises, this prevents the access of the piece of them within their new friend, the guardian. While at the same time, when jealousy appears, chances are the person around them, that comfort them is draining their energy, which causes the energy to drop below the minimal level that brings forth the dis-ease. It is very important to spend more ‘alone time’ with new people, ones that you don’t yet already know, for they are your guardian, a piece of you exist within them, it is your duty to find them out so that they have the opportunity to return a piece of you back to you.

Not alone time by self, as that is okay, better than with people whom you are comforted with. But alone in a place where you do not know anyone, a totally new place by yourself, rest and met people, who Fear of embarrassment will with your kindness, openness, will return the piece of you within them back to you. Everybody needs time away.