5 Tips For Learning PHP Quickly

I have compiled my five tips for learning PHP quickly for beginners. It is sometimes difficult to get started when learning a new programming language and I hope these tips help you. These tips will help you stay organized, learn quickly, and help get over any hurdles you may encounter.

Let’s get started.

Tip 1) Start fresh. I try to start every project with a fresh clean page. If you try to take code from someone else and convert it to yours syntax can get missed or worse they may not have done it right either. As you get going you can make a template of all the things you might put in a project like title and other things but starting out I like to start fresh. This also helps work the basic set up into every project.

Tip 2) Use error reporting. All PHP has a snippet of code that will allow you to see any errors that may come up.


By seeing the errors you will know what to look for and what is going wrong. This can seriously help you learn PHP quickly and help you get over the hurdles starting out.
Tip 3) Check the manual. The online PHP manual is probably the most comprehensive manual for any programming language that is free and out there on the web. It is also one of the best resources for learning PHP quickly that is better than any book you could buy.

Tip 4) Ask a forum. There are plenty of forums out there that have tons of knowledge for beginners. There are also plenty of people that do not mind helping others. Find a couple and post your questions. The forums are another place to learn PHP quickly because other people have the same questions you do. Search the forums and see what’s up.

Tip 5) I know I said earlier not to use someone else’s code but there are times that it is ok. If you find a web page that is doing what you want your page to do then look at the source to see how they did it. If you still have questions email the web master of the page and ask. A lot of good webmasters learn html do not mind helping out beginners because in the information age one day they could be asking you for help