Black Hair Extensions

Maybe you have wondered how celebrities such as Halle Berry and Beyonce change their own hairstyles so frequently, assuming glamorous hairdos almost at will? It is certainly not possible to shorten and grow their hair at such short time periods and wigs would not look very as natural as their hair does when they perform on stage. The secret, my friends, is Hair Extensions.

Extensions can work miracles with your hair, giving you long hair which can be styled any way you like within a few hours. Your hair will look richer, fuller and you can get instant highlights of whatever color you choose. It is also a savior when you have had your personal hair damaged.

Hair damage tends to happen more frequently to African American ladies as they frequently get their hair straightened out, a process that involves having their hair pressed and chemically relaxed. If carried out too frequently, the hair can get damaged, especially as black hair is fairly delicate and gets impaired easily.

This is where Hair Extensions can be of help because they can be used to cover the hair that has been damaged till such time that a lady’s real hair grows back again. However , you need to consult an expert on this matter who will assess the amount of damage plus whether the original hair can “take” extensions or not.

Whichever reason you utilize Black Hair Extensions for; you will have to come to a conclusion as to what method you will definitely use to attach the additional hair. You basically have three choices.
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The first method is the clip-on one. Right here, the extra hair is just clipped into your own and you can attach them or even detach them at your own may. If you have damaged hair, your hair stylist might recommend this procedure as it will not require any foreign substances, such as adhesives, to come in contact with your head.

A second method you can use is known as the Weave process. The way this is carried out is by sewing the Hair Extensions into a lady’s natural hair that is weaved around various threads hence creating a track. It is into these types of tracks that the new hair will be stitched on. And finally, there is the Fusion System. This process involves applying a bonding substance to the tips of both the natural hair as well as the extra batch of hair and then fusing them together either with a warm fusion tool, when it is called “hot” fusion, or by a cold technique which uses a keratin-based polymer in order to effect the attachments. This 2nd method is known as “cold” fusion.