Dumping A Threat to Human Wellness

Building countries are threatened by waste materials management problems. Recently on a visit to a part of our capital city Nairobi, I was amazed by the utter neglect of decomposing waste lying next to a housing line. The residents were going around their business oblivious of the dangers to human health posed by the heaps of waste next to their homes. I ask yourself myself is it the role of the city management authorities, who have failed to realize the hazards of these heaps to human health or it is the residents who have no idea of what threats there exists or both.

The entire world Health organization defines health since “the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a living being. In this case human as the general condition of a person in mind, body and nature usually meaning free from illness, injuries or pain”. What then negates the above described well being is thus a threat to human wellness. In this case a conducive environment regarding pathogens, emissions due to decomposing garbage and a breading place for all sorts of disease carrying insects, and rodents.

Generally the condition in which a person life is of great importance on the wellness status and quality of their life. It is increasingly recognized that will human health is maintained plus improved not only through the advancement plus application of health science, but also through the efforts and intelligent lifestyles of the individual society.

In our case though we may have put all the social, economic and physical measures in place, we have clearly ignored on great determinant of human health; the environment. It is true as argued earlier in this document I have no idea who accountable, but I want to point an accusing finger at each one of them; the professionals and the residents. Given a choice of maintaining litter and garbage in ones house or the choice of dropping it in a litter bin, am sure a hundred per cent of the residents would opt for the latter. Advancing the same argument, given a choice between getting sick due to garbage and staying healthy because of cleanliness, the resident would choose the later.

However , may be these types of services are not provided for the inhabitants to either make a choice or efficiently manage their litter. Hence dumping garbage outside his house intended for he/she wants to be clean and does not desire to be UN healthy or sick. In cases like this the blame goes to the professionals. One may be for not educating its citizenry, and second for not supplying the necessary infrastructure as well as policy to handle waste in the city.

Increasing amount of studies and reports, without going into detail of mentioning, examine the linkages between human health and different factors, including lifestyles, environment and personal hygiene. The environment which is my concern, identifies the surroundings of the human being, all of the matters related to human health or body and over which the individual offers little or no control at all.
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It is this environment if it is tempered with by dumping then becomes a threat to the very life line of the individual. The cry is to all the players within this city; let us know that unless we check our waste management, after that we might be headed to managing illnesses and lacking a healthy work force since we shall all be ill.