Submit a Dude

Win tickets to Lebowski Fest UK by submitting your photo!

There are three ways of sharing your Dude with everyone.

  1. If you have an account on Flickr, do upload it there. Make it public and tag it “thedudeiseverywhere” (without the quotes). We check Flickr regularly. You can also send us a note if you can’t wait.
  2. Upload your photo to any other fine online photo-sharing site such as Photobucket, and send us the link to download the photo. Make sure it’s not one of those sites that require registration before we can see the photo.
  3. Attach your photo of The Dude in an e-mail to us. Please send only one photo. The image should not measure any more than 800 pixels on its longest side.

This site is not restricted to Dudes; if you or someone you know embodies the spirit of a Walter Sobchak, the Jesus, Maude Lebowski or other iconic character from The Big Lebowski, send your photos through.

The best lookalike in July will win a pair of tickets to Lebowski Fest UK (transportation not included). If you want to be in the running to win Lebowski Fest UK tickets, please remember to include your name and address in the e-mail.

Canongate Books will not sell, rent or give away your details to a third party. We will only contact you regarding issues directly related to your photos and this website. By submitting a photograph to The Dude is Everywhere, via e-mail or otherwise, you are granting permission to The Dude is Everywhere to publish the photograph on this website.

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The Dude Is Everywhere was created to celebrate the publication of I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski by Canongate in August 2007.