Achievers in Edinburgh

A selection of photos from Lebowski Fest UK in Edinburgh

The bowling party was busy, and there were lotsa folks in costumes. One gentleman looked so much like the Dude it gave me the chills. There was a general “up with people” vibe in the bowling alley. Folks were asking strangers (not just The Stranger) to bowl on their team, they were walkin’ up to others in costume and taking photos, buyin’ each other White Russians, changing into Lebowski t-shirts… Achievers had flown in from Dublin, Belfast, San Franciso, someplace in Canada, and Indianapolis. I spoke to a couple of guys who flew over from Belfast just for Lebowski Fest. They were convinced that they were going to be the only two people there. As if.

At the movie viewing, I overheard a guy tell his friends “I haven’t had this much fun in a looooooong time.”

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All photos of Lebowski Fest UK in Edinburgh are courtesy of Phil Millar, aka Mr Zero.

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