10 things you may or may not know about The Big Lebowski and Lebowski Fest

  1. The first Lebowski Fest was held in 2002 at the Fellowship Lanes in Louisville, Kentucky. Since then, sold-out Lebowski Fests have also appeared in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin, Seatlle, and the UK.
  2. We never get to see the Dude actually bowl.
  3. An oat soda is a beer.
  4. Marmots are usually the size of a house cat and include fourteen species, among them the groundhog, woodchuck, and prairie dog.
  5. The jelly sandals Jeff Bridges wears in the film are from his own wardrobe.
  6. The main inspiration for the Walter Sobchak character is John Milius. He wrote Apocalypse Now.
  7. The real Little Larry is now a 30-something film industry insider.
  8. Asia Carrera, the real-life porn star who plays a porn star in the film, has an IQ of 156 and is a member of Mensa.
  9. The word Dude and its variations are said 160 times in the film.
  10. There was an academic symposium held in 2006 focusing on The Big Lebowski; one of the papers submitted was Professor Dude: An Inquiry into the Appeal of His Dudeness for Contemporary College Students.

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